Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fall Creek Falls From The Top

When we had hiked up to the observation point at Fall Creek Falls there was a sign that pointed to a continuation of the path to a Forest Service road and it said it was .1 miles from there.  After we got home Hubby looked on a map and found the road. We decided to explore a little further. 

The road that takes off from the North Umpqua Highway that turns into NF-020 road is called Boundary Road. It is not very well maintained and we had to drive very carefully around numerous potholes, fallen trees, and large rocks in the road. But eventually we got to the top of Fall Creek Falls.

Here you can see where the trail goes down to the lower portion of the falls. 

This is at the top of the falls, right before it ... falls.

Right at the point where it goes over the first edge it makes a right angle left hand turn through a narrow channel. 

We went down the trail from the top a bit and this is showing the creek shooting out the chute!

Back at the top in a small pool right before the drop off. You can see the drop off at the mid-right of the photo. You can kind of see how after it drops off it makes a sharp left.

Though it was rather damp on this day one of the best things of this was finding a new place to picnic. At the top was a nice green space that would be a great place for a lunch al fresco in the summer!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you are up and blogging again, loving seeing all the beautiful places you go to, and
hearing about your next adventures!
Hope all is going good, sounds like you will have visitors soon, so happy!
Love to all!