Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rock Creek Fish Hatchery

We've always driven by the Rock Creek Fish Hatchery so with the kids here for Easter vacation we took advantage and stopped.  The first thing we did is grab some change from the console so we could buy some fish food and feed the fish.

Feeding in the "big pond".

There were a couple of different holding areas. Each pen held different sized fish. 

Feeding frenzy!

These orb weaver type spiders were everywhere on the rails around the fish pens. Ugh!

This was a chute that ran from/to Rock Creek. I think the fish returning to spawn enter from the creek and run up the chute to a holding pen.

This is the pen that is at the end of the above chute.  I'm sorry but I have to kind of giggle at this point. Many of you know we are looking to buy a house/property. There is some realtor in this area that is advertising a house with an arena and "roping shoot". Interesting. Anyway...

This is part of the grounds of the hatchery. The building on the left is an informational classroom, closed when we were there.

More of the grounds. The chute leading from the creek is on the rightl.

Here you can see the fish trying to swim up the water coming out of the pipe!

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