Friday, December 21, 2007

Hair Cut

I know I said I'd wait until all the colored part of my hair was cut off before I took a picture of my new 'do, but I put on a little makeup this morning and decided to post a picture for my curious relatives who live out of town. (Most of my relatives are rather curious, and I don't mean inquisitive. But that's another story.)

You can see most of it is gray with just a little bit of colored part left.

I feel pretty silly too. I took about 15 pictures and they were all messed up from the flash. Of course that's going to happen when you take a picture in the mirror. Then I had an idea "flash". Turn the flash on the camera off! DUH!

Also notice how I'm holding my head up just a tad to hide some of the loose neck skin. Just think how great I could make myself look if I had PhotoShop!

Meanwhile, just 4 days until Christmas (including today). Yee HAW!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that you look beautiful despite the fact that the photo was a mirror-reflection shot?

Does your Foto Aparat (camera) have a timer? You could set the timer for say 10 or 12 seconds and "pop" in front of the lens in time to pose for, perhaps, a clearer image?

Then again, maybe not -- I'm jealous enough as it is.

Your Big Sister