Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flaming Cherries

One of my mom's favorite desserts was "flaming cherries." My dad once made the mistake of taking her to a restaurant where the dessert was made tableside. She then made my dad take her back again and again until she was able to make it herself at home.

Unfortunately my mom's recipe was lost. I asked my siblings if they might have the recipe but, alas, none did. All I could remember was my mom used frozen orange juice concentrate, and she made it according to how many people were to be served. For example for two people she'd put two heaping tablespoons of concentrate in, for four people four heaping tablespoons.

In response to my request for Mom's recipe, my AZ sister sent me a couple of recipes she found off the internet that sounded close. I took the recipes and played with them a little and the following is what I came up with. It's not my mom's recipe exactly but it's close. Also just a note here. I tried to do the flambe'ing thing but I couldn't get it to work. The second time I had a little bit of a flame, but it wasn't like my mom's. Hey, it still tastes good!

To start: I found a jar of Morello Cherries (allegedly pitted, but we found a couple anyway!); butter; sugar; frozen orange juice concentrate; Cointreau or another orange liquer; and corn starch for thickening (optional).
This is a "per person" recipe so start by melting one teaspoon "p/p" butter in a pan.
Reserve 1/4 cherry juice p/p and add to pan...
...with two tablespoons sugar p/p.
Add one heaping tablespoon frozen oj concentrate p/p.
Stir until everything is melted.
Add 1/4 cup cherries p/p.

Add 2 tablespoons Cointreau p/p. Remove pan from heat and attempt to light it.

It's supposed to burn with a low blue flame but I couldn't get it to work right. Anyhoo, then you take it and pour it over vanilla ice cream. If you prefer a thicker sauce, this is the time to add the cornstarch. Mix two teaspoons cornstarch with about four tablespoons water (or enough to make a thin paste), then stir into the cherry mixture. Heat over low heat until it thickens to your desired...uh... thickness. Okay, moving on. Now pour over the ice cream.


If, IF you have leftovers (yeah, right!) it can be stored in the fridge. Simply reheat in microwave or in a saucepan before pouring over the next batch of icecream. Or you can do like I did and eat it straight out of the leftover bowl. But don't tell anyone I did that!


multiply each ingredient PER PERSON
1 t butter
1/4 cherry juice
2 T sugar
1 heaping T frozen orange juice concentrate
1/4 C cherries
2 T Cointreau or other orange flavored liquer
cornstarch for thickening (optional)

Melt butter in pan. Add cherry juice, sugar, oj concentrate. Stir together over low heat until melted. Add cherries. Remove from heat and add liquer. Attempt to light it and once lit, shake pan gently until the flame extinguishes itself. At this time thicken sauce with cornstarch if desired. (Make a slurry of cornstarch and cold water--about 2 teaspoons corn starch 4 tablespoons cold water, or enough to make a thin paste.)

To serve: pour over vanilla ice cream.


MT said...

What a perfect holiday desert idea. Or is it dessert?
OOoh, and I bet it's good over chocolate ice cream, too. Make it again and try it out- or over cherry garcia ben and jerry's!

Anonymous said...

Greetings! That recipe looks very, very close to Mom's! Vanilla icecream is what was "traditionally" used, but there is no harm in deserting the traditional for an alternative dessert. Flaming Cherries ala Tina will definitely be tried out here in the desert! ; )

Love to You and Monique!


tina f. said...

I'm sure it would be good over other flavors of ice cream. Just not B&J! As a former PD employee and married to a retired police officer I refuse to buy B&J because of their support of a cop killer. It's about the only "political" thing I'm serious about. Here's a few sites you can look at.