Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Smokey Dinner

Here's my man in the kitchen cooking us a pan fried steak. We've got the ceiling vent on and the windows open.
Here's the results: a nice little piece of medium rare steak with a beautiful artichoke with mayo.
Trust me, it was good!

We've got three places on hold to look at when our realtor comes back from vacation. Two of them are about 20 acre places and the third has about 65, but with a smaller (2 bedroom) home.

I did talk to our realtor yesterday and she said it's not uncommon for a rash of properties to hit the market after the first of the year. So long as interest rates don't start climbing up again I'm good with that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fun to see your place your living at! Anything cooked by someone else, what a treat! And, candlelight dinner! Also loved the special designs on your computer, it makes it 'pop'!
I have my fingers crossed for those 3 properties, hope you just love one of them!!
(I vote Winston Safari, I just LOVE that place!!)