Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Day

It may not be a "snow day" for the locals and I'm sure all you northern and easterners are probably laughing at me, but for us it's still a novelty. It snowed, and as I'm writing this it is still snowing and starting to stick to the lawns and roof tops.
You can't really see it in the pictures too well but here on the windshield of our truck you can get a good idea of the size of the flakes.
Inside the creatures are all snug and warm.
The cat honestly did this by herself! I had been sitting on the sofa with the blanket around me. When I got up it draped over Gus and then the cat got comfy.
I admit I did cover Clyde up over on his little sofa, and he really likes it like that.
We may not have had a White Christmas but maybe we'll have a White New Year's!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you got some white. The animals have the right idea, for sure!


Anonymous said...

How cute is that picture with kitty's little paw on his
forehead!! Print that one!
I am hoping you have a couple of good places to look at this week!!

~M~ said...

Those pictures are adorable! I love the one with the kitty drapped over the dogs head!! Great pictures and SNOW too! We still have a ton of it up here. Right now we're dealing with major amounts of ice. It snows a bunch then gets all warm and melty, but not warm enough to get rid of the snow. It turns to ice and the cycle continues! Oie! We're slippin' and a sliddin' all around the yard! I'll probably make a post on that topic soon! LOL!


p.s. I love that blanket in the picture with kitty! Hannah has one like that too made for her with John Deere print and she loves it!! I should really try making one of those possibly this spring!!

tina f. said...

~M~, those blankies are the easiest in the world to make! I had made the one covering Clyde last year I think and the one covering the Gus with Kneadermeier on top I made just a few days ago. It took about an hour. I honestly think it took me longer to pick the patterned fabric out!

tina f. said...

Ha ha! "The Gus"!!! Well, you know, the one and only!