Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back To Blogging

Things have begun to settle down a bit so I thought I might try and catch up on my blogging.

My granddaughter's birthday was November 15th and we had a little party at our house.

Here she is with the next door neighbor's daughter and my son's girlfriend. She seems to be eying the gifts and I can just imagine her thinking, "Enough of the pictures already! Let's get on with it!"
So we got on to the opening of the presents. She got the jewelry she is wearing along with this lovely makeup kit.
And the requisite clothing from Grandma.

When it came time for the cake she suddenly became embarrassed when we started singing "Happy Birthday". Her mom, on the right, was trying hard not to laugh out loud.
But with Grampa's and Mom's help the candles were blown out and everyone enjoyed a piece of cake.
Being three is so tough!


Anonymous said...

WELCOME back, I have missed you! Wonderful pictures of the party, she looks so big to me! Hope it was a good one for her!
Hope all is well, I will call you later!

Anonymous said...

Poor little one, she looks so tired! I bet she was back to her happy self later. Nice to hear from you again. I missed your blogs.