Monday, January 21, 2013

Citrus Harvest

One day one of the girls at work was talking about her lemon trees.  I overheard her and asked where she kept them.  She said they were still quite small but she kept them in her house at a south window where they could get sunlight.

Besides the south guest bedroom (and there is no room for trees in there) our only south windows are in the game room, aka Wil's room.  I decided to move my citrus trees up there so they could be warmer and have more sunlight.  I felt bad because they had been in the garage most of the time and only got dragged out to see the sun on occasions when it wasn't freezing.  And because of that they looked like they were getting unhappy.

So like I said, a couple weeks ago I moved the trees upstairs.  I've been giving them a good watering once a week and today I noticed the lemon has new blooms!  (The white dot at the upper left of this picture and the blurry spot in the lower center/left.)  

They are also getting new leaves.

I harvested two limes and a lemon.  The limes were starting to turn yellow and I know from past experience the lemons can stay on the tree for a long time before they have to be harvested.

I'm ecstatic that they are 

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