Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fencing Around The Garden

This year we are going to try a traditional garden.  We cleared an area and so far have planted three types of potatoes, garlic, and onions.  Of course one of the problems is the deer that will help you harvest your crop, even if its too early.

So when the potatoes, garlic, and onions started popping up we knew it was time to put a fence around the garden.

We got two 100' rolls of 6' high horse fence and some 8' t-posts.  This may be a bit ambitious for us first time Central Oregon gardeners but that's how we roll -- go big, or ... um, whatever.

Here we have almost finished the fence.  This is Wil and me.

Hubby has returned with a few more posts and Wil and I are coming down to meet him.

The guys took turns pounding the posts in.

I think next year I'll spring for the t-post pounder tool.  I think it will be much quicker and easier.  And safer. (Hubby thinks the fence is going to come down when the garden is done.)

The onions in the back and the garlic barely coming up in the front (from south to north).

The tater line, looking from east to west.

 Our garden, looking from our deck.  The opening is on the left front.  I'll need to make a gate soon.

Now to figure out when to plant the seeds...  Is it going to freeze again before July?  Remember, this is Central Oregon! 


Anonymous said...

Do I dare ask, will you be toting water all that way? Or did you place it by a faucet, or a really long hose!
It is HUGE!!! You have room to have melon's and all sorts of wandering plants!! I planted gourds way off in a corner of our backyard, and can't believe how far they are spreading!
Good luck, hope this keeps all the deer out!!

tina f. said...

We have a long hose!