Monday, May 13, 2013


This year when I ordered my garden seeds and plants I decided to splurge and try out one of those mushroom boxes.  I settled on the regular button type mushrooms since first of all everybody likes them and they seem less fussy some how.

I hate to admit this but we didn't exactly follow the directions to a tee.  However we still managed to be able to produce a few mushrooms.  I had just harvested for a second time a couple of days ago and remembered to check the box again.  This mushroom had been about an eighth this size then. 

I put a quarter in the middle so you can see how big it really is!

I harvested the mushroom and you can see a brand new tiny little button popping up (directly in the middle of the picture, just above and to the left of the harvested mushroom stalk).

Just so you know, these mushrooms are absolutely delicious and in my opinion even a little sweeter somehow than store bought mushrooms. I may have to try these again next year...


Anonymous said...

What are we talking money wise, was it worth it?
And do you think my not following the directions, do you think you would get a bigger harvest next time??
It looks fun though, I love having herbs homegrown too, just so cool to go outside with a handful, so very neat to have mushrooms!

tina f. said...

$$-wise I'd say not worth it...yet. So far we've gotten about five regular size mushrooms and that one giant one (which was delicious, btw). But it's not done producing yet, so we'll have to wait and see.