Friday, May 31, 2013

Computer Problems

I would have posted something sooner but I am not able at this time to download the photos from the SD card.  So I have to find the cord that connects the camera to the computer and attempt to get the pictures in the computer that way. 

Meanwhile I got the second chicken coop/run done and the third coop is well under way.  The mushrooms have been harvested twice more since the last mushroom post, with three or four large mushrooms in each harvest.  Daughter and granddaughter were up for a surprise visit and have since returned home.  Figured out a gate solution for the garden. Applied for a new job, more money, full time regular hours, and closer to home...waiting to hear from them.

Watching a fabulous sunset and feeling good right now.


Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed for you and your new job!!
Cant' wait for you to find the cord and see some pictures, yes of the chicken coops, but hopefully some of your beautiful granddaughter too!!!
I just went out and saw a zillion stars, that is not always like that!

Kathy said...

A new job?? We need deets!!
I have been wondering about the chicken coops.....can't wait to see pics.
A nice surprise visit......hope it was fun times!
I just got my garden in. We are putting in new fencing this next week, I think. and a new greenhouse......that's our summer plan!
You should come visit before the new job starts! :-)

Anonymous said...

Driving as far as you do does get old after a while. Hope you get the job!