Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mountain Wild Flowers

The bad news is I couldn't find the cord that connects my computer to the camera to download the photos that way.  The good news is I figured out a way to still do it by connecting the computer to the printer and putting the SD card into the printer.  So I guess that's the way I'll get the photos on here until I either find the other cord, or I get a new computer (!).  Can you hear me laughing??

Anyway, not long ago Hubby went to cut a load of wood and fortunately took the camera with him.  He found the forest full of wild flowers.

I think this is my favorite shot. 

Now that I can get the pictures on the computer again I'll have to start catching up on my blog!

Have a great day today.  ☺


Kathy said...

Wow!! Who knew that Bill has the photographer gene? Great pics!
Can't wait to see the chicken coops!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers and hope they will still be there later this year!