Thursday, June 27, 2013

Homemade Furniture -- Nightstand

I finally finished the last of the four chicken coops.  The only thing is, it was built in the shop and still needs to be moved to the final destination.  When that is done I'll post some pictures. 

Meanwhile, my sister, daughter, and granddaughter will be enroute tomorrow for a visit. I took the entire week off so I'm really looking forward to that. I'm working tomorrow but that will be it and then I'll be off for 8 days!! 

One of the bedrooms does not have any furniture in it other than a bed so I thought I'd make a little table to put a lamp on. This was the result.  It's a bedside type table made of scraps I had left over from my chicken coop project.  It turned out half way decent if I say so myself.  The cat, maybe, not so much.

For now I'll find an old sheet to throw over it, but eventually I'll paint it and it will look more like a real piece of furniture.


Kathy said...

Great job on the night stand!!! And love the cat! LOL
Enjoy your family's visit! Can't wait to see the finished chicken coop!

Anonymous said...

I say you go old west, and get your wood burning tool out and put some 'branding' symbols on it and stain it?
I sure hope you are all having such a fun visit too, relaxing and LOTS of laughter!
Kisses all around!