Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clearwater Falls

On our way home from one of our other adventures we decided to do a quick stop at Clearwater Falls. There is a parking area separate from a camping area. A fairly short walk up the trail from the parking lot takes you to the top of the falls.

It looks like there is another camping area across from the river at the top.

You can see that it is a well named river.

Getting closer to the actual "fall".


...The edge where it is falling!

I had a hard time getting good pictures because the lighting was so weird. It was very bright in the sun and especially where the sun hit the water, yet dark in the shadowy parts.  The flash kept going on  while in the automatic mode so I tried turning it off and taking the picture that way. I think without the flash on they turned out better.

One interesting thing I noticed was that though it was a warmish day when we walked to the viewing area at the foot of the falls the temperature got cooler by about 20 degrees. It was very refreshing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, these last few entries have been beautiful, when are we going to
see some campout pictures! Those both look like amazing places to

tina f. said...

I want to go camping one of these days. Remember all our stuff is in storage. We'd have to dig through it to find it and first of all we'd have to try and guess which of two storage units it's in! One of these days!