Monday, October 12, 2015

Rock Pile And Illahee Area

While we were exploring the Illahee area we were way high in the mountains and drove by an interesting looking pile of rocks just off the road. How can a pile of rocks look interesting? One reason was because they were the only big boulders like that in the area.     

We had to stop and investigate.

Unfortunately the pictures don't show how truly interesting the formation is. 

There was a little area that wasn't a cave, but it was a good size overhang.

It was obvious that we weren't the first ones there. There was a homemade bench of a log on two rocks and a little fire ring.

It was fun exploring the area. The big boulders made mini canyons and doorways to magical imaginary places. 

And then I looked up and saw this:

In case you can't tell it's a giant round boulder balancing on a couple of other rocks. Remember this is over head!

Check out this hairy tree and the cavelet underneath.

There were nooks and crannies everywhere. This would have been a fun area to camp overnight. Just one night.

On the way down the mountain we looked through a clearing of the trees and saw the Illahee Lookout on top of the opposite mountain.

There it is! We'll see if we can get closer one of these days. This lookout is still active.

And we got to the Illahee Flats Campground. This is where the trail head is.

The campgrounds were really nice. Look at this bathroom. One of the nicest I've seen in a campground. I dare say "cute". 

There's a little "USFG" stamp on the wood above the handle. 

Also in the campground was this covered fireplace. Very cozy.

And for those nonrainy nights there is an open fire pit with convenient benches and picnic table.

I guess if you want a little less rustic than camping in the rocks this would be a great place too!

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