Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pig Iron Lookout

Besides our slight fascination with caves we like to go to the other spectrum and check out various fire lookouts. Hubby had found this one kind of by accident when he was grouse hunting one day.

This is the Pig Iron Lookout. To get there take NF-4780, aka Mowich Loop Road. This is the road that turns off North Umpqua Highway just north of Stump Lake. As you continue up that road you have to be careful not to miss where 4780 makes a definite right turn. It almost seems like a different road, but if you were to go straight (which seems the obvious choice to remain on 4780) you would end up at the Clearwater Forebay. So anyway, you've turned north (right) to continue on 4780. At the next "T" intersection make a left onto NF-060 and very shortly after a right onto NF-100. Stay on 100  until you get to the locked gate.

Now you'll have to walk a bit. Fortunately it's an easy, level walk on the gravel road. It's barely just over a mile long trail. 

There's Clyde leading the way.

There's a little path that leads off the road. It doesn't look so easy.

You'll finally get to another T in the road and head left. You should be able to see the lookout then.

Here it is from the roadside.

Looking up at the lookout.

Here's a view from the base of the lookout.

Here's from that rock Hubby is sitting on. We made Clyde stay because it's a little dicey beyond that point. Didn't want him falling off the cliff!. In fact, I was rather uncomfortable being on that point myself!

Here's a few pictures of the area.  Look between the trees here and you might be able to see Watson Falls.

Here it is enlarged. You can still barely see it here, but it's there! Right smack dab in the middle of the picture flowing off the big rock.

Here's the valley below with the canal going into the Clearwater Forebay.

Toketee Lake just to the right of the forebay.

I got the bright idea to use the video on my phone to do a panoramic view. The first video is from the base of the lookout.

This video is from the rock point below the lookout. Sorry about the quality. It's not high-def and I was trying not to fall off the rock!

Here was a note posted on the base of the lookout by the stairs to go up.

Having lived in California for so long it just amazes us that we can go to an unoccupied lookout like this and see that it hasn't been vandalized. It's so refreshing. 

In any case it's a great hike. Like I said, if I find it to be an easy hike then trust me, it is! 


Anonymous said...

First that sign makes me want to go look for some Mammoth bones! Then my second thought was can you go up the ladder
and look out from the deck? Was it a "live" station?
Beautiful pictures!!

tina f. said...

It was not an active lookout. It may have been during the height of fire season but it isn't manned currently. It was all locked up. The ladder/stairs lead to a trapdoor that opens on the deck and the trapdoor was padlocked shut. It would have been cool to be on the deck.