Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clyde and his baby taking a nap.

Not having a computer for the last week and a half made me realize I'm hooked. I think I was having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to access a computer at my whim. It's not a good feeling.

I've come to realize how much I rely on the computer for communication, for research and information, and entertainment. That doesn't sound too bad though. So what does it mean?

While my computer was away I started reading books again. I started playing my piano again. I actually vacuumed my living room three times, something I'm afraid I normally slack on (maybe twice a month is my norm!). I even started exercising again, although that may be due to other factors.

And what did I do when I got my computer back? The first thing I did was check my e-mails. Good grief, there were 65 new e-mails, only 10 of which went straight to the junk file. Then I had to spend a good amount of time catching up on all the blogs I read every day. Some people actually write something every single day, sometimes multiple entries in one day. That's quite impressive. Where do they find the time? I know some of those people even have multiple blogs. They handle those besides taking care of their day to day business. How do they do it? I struggle with finding something semi-interesting to write about a few times a week!

So why do I do it? In a way this is therapeutic for me. It's kind of like a journal, or a diary, albeit a public one. Being public forces me to think carefully about how I write about my subjects, particularly if it's about people that may recognize themselves. I also like to share any good recipes I come across.

I know I have gleaned good information and been entertained by other peoples' blogs and I only hope I can do the same with mine. So don't hate me if I'm not as prolific as some people! It's good to be back. Cheers!

Oh, and the picture of Clyde and the baby is just because. :-)

PS--Safe journey to my cheesy sister and her family who are going to Germany for Easter/Spring vacation!

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