Monday, March 31, 2008

Wildflowers, Part 1

This is a great time of year to view the local wildflowers. There are several good locations and we chose to drive one of our favorite routes; Rancherio Road up Greenhorn Mountain and back down by way of Poso Road.

We started off from home at an elevation of around 370 feet above sea level and 67 degrees in the valley. The higher up the road we got, the colder it became. By the time we reached our half way point at Poso Road we had reached an elevation of almost 4000 feet above sea level and the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees.

We stopped there and had our lunch of PB & J sandwiches and Diet Rite. Not quite as fancy as the Chianti, triple cream blue cheese with peppered salami and fresh baguette we had on our picnic to the Wind Wolves Preserve but it still hit the spot.

I took too many pictures to put all on today's post so I'm dividing them up and I'll post the other half tomorrow. As usual the photos don't do justice to the actual scene but you get an idea of how pretty it is. On some of them you have to look to the background to see the splashes of color the wildflowers make on the hills.

It's too bad it can't look like this all the time, but that's the way it goes of course. It's a little sad to think in another month or so everything will be dried out and brown. But then we can always look forward to next year.

This picture reminds me of the opening shot of the "Little House on the Prairie" tv show.

Blue LupineFiddleneck flower, one of the more common wildflowers.


mt said...

These pictures are absolutely wonderful!!! Thanks for taking them and sharing them with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

I concur with MT.

Love, M

Robbyn said...

HOW beautiful!!! Thank you for the wonderful pics!