Friday, March 21, 2008


Today I decided to do my "eggsperiment". I took one of our home grown brown chicken eggs and one of our new quail eggs and fried them up for breakfast. The quail egg is very well camouflaged (it's just to the right of the chicken egg).
The difference in size is quite obvious. Can you imagine telling your doctor, "But, Doctor, I only had five eggs for breakfast!" Except for the size they look exactly alike.
Here's my breakfast of an English muffin with two perfectly fried sunny side up eggs.
I tentatively ate the quail egg first, so as not to "taint" my taste. It was a perfect mouthful and I'm not sure why I was surprised but it tasted exactly like ... an egg!

So there you have it. Quail eggs taste just like chicken eggs. Is that what they'd serve at a weight loss spa?

Have a great Good Friday and Easter Weekend!

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Pam said...

Now you just need little mini English Muffins :)
That is seriously interesting to know. I am kind of geeky about stuff like this, so I rather enjoy knowing that if someone ever asks what quail eggs taste like, I can say just like a chicken! Thank you. You have helped me in life! :)