Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wildflowers, Part 2

Here are the continuing photos from yesterday. As you will notice not all are of the wildflowers.

Here was a small field of California poppies. They are all closed up--maybe because the temperature was in the 40's?
This is an interesting maroon wildflower. I have no idea what its name is.
Find the cow ala Bev Doolittle.
This one's not as shy.
Up on the mountain there are a few of these old cabins. Sadly, most are abandoned and many have collapsed over the years. I always wonder what their history was; who built it and lived there and when and why did they leave?

Towards the end of the journey we passed by a small pasture with this mare and her long eared baby.
She wasn't shy at all.
I think she liked the little butt scratches I gave her.
Have a great day!


Robbyn said...

OK, loving the pictures! Don't you wonder about the history those old abandoned houses have? Makes me want to try to prop it up and make it all shipshape again (but makes my husband want to pull his hair and mentally calculate the termite damage...lol!) Great pics! love the foal one...

Anonymous said...

Again, beautiful!!!