Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Early in January we finally got my son signed up in a driving class. Most kids around here start when they are 15 1/2. My son is 17. We kept putting it off as an incentive to do better in school and also because I was afraid of what would happen with our car insurance rate.
He was doing much better at his new school and we just couldn't put it off any longer. He got his learners permit on the first try at the DMV and started class.

He did well in the classroom portion and then it was time for the behind-the-wheel portion. The three sessions were supposed to be scheduled a few weeks apart. The first two BTW's went as planned.

We have a trip planned to visit my MIL in AZ for her 80th birthday next week. I thought maybe we could hurry Wil's lessons along so he could get his license and be able to drive himself to school while we are away. With a learner's permit he is allowed to drive only if a licensed adult is in the vehicle with him. Consequently I scheduled his third BTW lesson about two weeks after the second. Of course he did well.

Now it was time to schedule the BTW test at the DMV. I made the arrangements and yesterday after school was the big day.

Here he is at the start of the test waiting for the examiner.

And away they go! (Fingers crossed!)

Parked at the end of the exam. When the examiner got out she told me "he's a good driver." That sounded pretty good to me!

Here he is in line to get his interim license. With that he would be able to drive by himself. He would have to wait six months before he could have any unlicensed or other juveniles in the car with him. After the six months he would get his permanent license and be able to drive like any regularly licensed driver, regardless of age.

Unfortunately the clerk discovered a little mistake. He was supposed to have the permit for six months before he would be eligible to take the BTW test. So the bad news is he did not get his license. He has to wait until June 3rd. The good news is he will not have to take the driving test again.

I told him to give me his disappointed look. Yikes! He needs a hair cut!

Now we have to figure out how he's going to get to school and back (he goes to a different school than the district school now). Oh well, we'll figure something out.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Good News, WF!

Thank goodness, WF doesn't have to retake the test and is good-to-go in June.

Love, M

Pam said...

Hey... those curls look familiar!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Wil!!
June will get here soon enough!
How is his "new" car? P