Thursday, April 3, 2008


Just for fun today, and in recognition of the upcoming Warbirds In Action air show in nearby Shafter, I took a couple of pictures I had of airplanes and enlarged them as much as I could. I know some people get all excited about different types of planes, just like some people like locomotive trains, etc. Just to let you know, I'm not one of them. My husband and son have enjoyed going to some air shows in the past where I would just as soon pass them up.

Also, remember I am not a professional photographer, even though some of my shots may look that way (just kidding!). Here's what I did with these photos. The first picture will be the original. Then I used my "trim" feature on the camera to enlarge the picture in the camera and create a new, somewhat larger picture. Then I took that larger photo and using my Nikon PictureProject computer software I was able to enlarge the photo even more. Of course, the larger the photo, the grainier it becomes, as you will see.

This is a B-17 that was flying around about a week ago. You could actually take a 20 minute flight for the mere cost of just over $400. It flew over our house a few times. I'd rather use my $400 for something else.

Here you can see some detail.

Here's the same plane at a slightly different angle.

Here's a slight enlargement. I guess you could get a magnifying glass if you wanted to see more detail.

Here's the most dramatic enlargement (to me). It's a commuter plane high in the sky. In the original you can barely see the plane shape.

And here in the enlargement you can see the shape and even the colors of the plane.

Don't ask me why the borders of the photos aren't all the same size. I don't really know. But I do know I have fun with this.

I love digital photography!

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