Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Pictures

Here are some of the latest pictures of my grandbaby. Just because I can, and also because I have nothing else for today. And of course, I know her great aunts and great grandmother want to see her latest photos. Right? Right?????

So if you're not into baby photos, feel free to log out. It won't hurt my feelings. Really! (I was once like you, so I understand.)

Here she is in her Easter outfit she got from Great Gramma GaGa.
This is her new Bumbo chair. She likes sitting in it...
...especially when Gus waves his tail over her head.

Well, most of the time she's happy. Honestly, though, I think she was working on something here.
Now she's attempting to put both of her hands in her mouth. I think she's working on a party trick for when she's older.
Now she's just chillin'.
Here she is in an "official" Easter photo taken at the Sears Portrait Studio. I just love it when she's smiling.
The next two are from the same photo session. There's just something about a naked baby. They are Oh So Cute!
And last, but not least, here she is with her handsome Grampa.
Did I say "last"? Oh, don't you worry! It's the last for today but you can rest assured there will be more in the future!


Anonymous said...

What a happy baby! You are such a nice grandma for taking all the pictures and sharing them. thanks! mt

Anonymous said...

Hi baby's (no doubt about it, *HAPPY) Gramma Tina! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!!!!

Keep 'em coming!

Love, M

*HAPPY - Gramma, Grampa, baby, aunties, et al.

Anonymous said...

WOW is she getting big, she is just too cute!!!
That smile when she is in her chair, priceless!