Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Trip

Yesterday we took another quick drive out to the Wind Wolves Preserve. Our intention was to scout for possible locations for a family picnic for next Sunday when all my side of the family was going to be here to help celebrate my birthday.

It was quite a contrast to the first time we visited, in mid-March, when everything was nice and green, and a few wildflowers were out. This time everything was dry and brown, except along the little creek that runs through the canyon.

Here is my husband and son along one of the paths. Notice how dry and brown it is. The creek is where you can see the trees.
As we took off up the path I was horrified and embarrassed to realize how terribly out of shape I've become since last summer. We'd barely gone 100 yards and I was huffing and puffing. But I kept going, all the while cursing my breakfast burrito I'd made for breakfast.

Eventually we took a trail that went to the little stream that runs through the canyon. Along that path it was very shady from the tall trees growing along and it was definitely more pleasant. There was more to see too.
Some poison oak. I'm glad my husband knows what it looks like. I wouldn't have had a clue!
Looking up another trail that goes away from the stream.
An old Indian grinding rock. The hole is about 4 inches across and 4-5 inches deep.
I was surprised to see how much wild grapes were growing along the stream. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised though because they weren't uncommon way back in the day. It's one reason why a portion of the I-5 is called the Grapevine, and Wind Wolves Preserve is not that far away.Here the stream looks like it's coming out of the roots of the tree.

A refreshing little waterfall.
We had a fun few hours exploring all the little picnic areas along the stream path. It felt like we walked for miles and miles and in reality it turned out to only be one mile up and one mile back.

Our walk proved that I need to get back on track like I was last year. I'll take care of that after the chocolate cake is gone. More on that tomorrow!


Jenn said...

Nice pictures, the one of the grinding rock was cool!

Anonymous said...

Is their enough room around the stream to do a picnic there?? It still looks beautiful to me.