Monday, June 23, 2008

The Gang's All Here

The gang's all here, or at least they were yesterday. That was the day we went to the Wind Wolves Preserve for our lunch. It was a very hot day but we found a great shady spot with picnic tables by the little waterfall. There were my two sisters and my brother and their families.

We had a caravan of five vehicles. This is at the entrance where you are supposed to sign in at the little kiosk.

We played bocce, cards, hiked, and took pictures. Not to mention having a great lunch and just stitting around talking. Speaking for myself at least, it was a really great afternoon.

There were some great spots for portraits. Here's one of my favorite subjects, my daughter and grandbaby.

On our hike we saw some real wildlife. That is besides the usual lizards and the crazy kids! I think they were mule deer (notice the large ears).

Sadly, today 1/2 of the gang have returned to their respective homes. My brother and his family are still here for a few more days so I'm going to make the most of it with them until they have to go back to their lives.

So until then it's visit, eat, drink, and play. Tonight it's brisket and badminton!


Anonymous said...

Your family portrait I could enlarge, that is a keeper!
12 + your family, LOTS of fun I'll bet!! Hope your day was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

HEY! I'll be right over!!!!


Your Sister,

pam said...

The photo of your daughter and baby is gorgeous. We've done that family caravan before! Probably will soon when my Seattle and Michigan family come home and we go places. You always made this area sound so fun to visit. It looks so lovely. My pappap always played bocce and I haven't in years but I used to love it. Makes me want to buy a set for my son. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

OK where are you? I hope all is well and you are just recouping from all the fun, I miss reading "you"!!