Monday, June 2, 2008

Belated Birthday Gift

May 24th is my husband's birthday. We had been toying with the idea of getting a gas bbq grill for a short while now.

Talk about good timing. Consumer Reports magazine's current issue is about gas grills. They always have the ratings of the numerous grills they tested, with a few listed as "CR Best Buy". The Best Buys aren't always the fanciest or most expensive, but they are the ones that give you the best "bang for the buck".

The number 3 rated grill on the list of medium sized models was the Blue Ember by Fiesta. We'd never heard of the model or the company. But it was a CR Best Buy, so last week we drove by Home Depot, where it is sold, to look at it and possibly purchase one.

It was not a bad looking grill, very similar to the others in the line. Of course it's hard to say one way or the other because we'd never owned one before so we didn't really know what to look for. The problem is, my husband tends to procrastinate. We ended up not buying it that day.

Later in the week we were talking about grills again with our next door neighbor who had also been considering purchasing a gas grill. I decided that I would go myself and get the grill from Home Depot.

That next day was last Friday. Of course, the Memorial Day special was no longer in effect. That meant we didn't get three free propane tank fill-ups. That figures. Oh well.

I brought the box home and started attempting to assemble the grill. I was interrupted by the baby needing something (I don't know--food, diapers. Why are babies so demanding!) ;-)

Eventually I got back to putting the grill together but I hit a snag. I was trying to insert a screw into a hole in an awkward spot and I just couldn't get it. I had managed to get the opposite side in but this thing was starting to defeat me.

About that time my husband came home from work and he quickly figured out that the hole had no threads. No wonder I couldn't get the screw to screw in there! Between the two of us we got most of it put together. Then neighbor Dean came over and I let them finish it up.

Of course we had to cook something on it that night so I got a tri-tip and my husband put it on. I don't know if it was beginner's luck but the tri-tip came out perfectly!

Here's our new grill. On the right is a side burner. I'm not really sure why you would need that, but one day I may find out. On the left is an ice bucket to keep condiments or whatever cold.
The ice bucket/condiment thingie. I think I would just keep a bottle of wine in there!
And this is the side burner.

We decided the grill is my husband's late birthday present. I think we're going to enjoy it!


Robbyn said...

Congratulations...the belated birthday grill is a beaut!

Jenn said...

How nice !

Anonymous said...

I see some wonderful beans, or some melted butter for the king crab legs on that side burner!
Looks great!