Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar High

Sunday was the baby's second birthday. We decided to make cupcakes instead of a big cake. This isn't going to be a recipe because we used a box. We did end up making our own frosting, but it was a simple cream cheese frosting.

The baby was clean when we started, but as you can imagine, we let her "help" and she wasn't clean for long.

Mixing the batter.
Making sure it's good.
It is!
Here she is blowing on the cupcakes to help cool them so we can frost them.
Like I said, we made a simple cream cheese frosting and split the batch in two. One was colored with neon purple and the other with a neon green.
Helping with the clean up.
And here she is helping with the decorations.
Granpa Mario stopped by with a gift. He took a bunch of photos and here she is admiring one of them.
The finished cupcakes.
Since Granpa Mario was there we went ahead and sang Happy Birthday.
Granpa Mario had to leave then and we decided to go ahead and open presents, since it was still too early for dinner. Here she is looking into the bag he brought.
She got cool new boots and a sweatshirt from him.
From us she got two new books, some hair clips,
and a nice warm winter jacket for the chillier days.
Then we finally had the cupcakes.
Of course by this time she already had quite the sugar rush going so this was really the last thing she needed, but oh well, it was her birthday! And besides, she wasn't spending the night at our house (ha ha!).

All in all I'd say we had a very successful second birthday party for our baby!


Anonymous said...

How very sweet! Happy Birthday Little Cutie Pie!!!

Love the cupcake frosting colors.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures! It does look like she had a
great day! And what a cute little jacket! That
last picture looks like she is getting a bit tired!

~M~ said...

How did you make the neon colors? I always end up with really watered down color when I make my frosting.

She sure looks sweet! What a gorgeous little girl she is!


tina f. said...

The neon color is not any sort of magic on my part. Besides the regular colors, McCormick makes the food coloring in neon colors too!

~M~ said...

Wow, I will have to go and look for those. Thanks for the info. The cupcakes looked GREAT! She's adorable. I just love "cooking" with Hannah!