Thursday, December 17, 2009


We haven't really done a lot of interior Christmas decorating for the past couple of years because Clyde was a little puppy and the next year my granddaughter was crawling all over everywhere. This year we figured we'd blow the dust off the lights and the village and at least put a few things out.

Here are the lights in the living room.
I've done the lights like this before and we always enjoy the ambiance. And I'm not too embarrassed to say one year we left the lights up like this until the following June!!!

This year I was going to do something a little different. I had some leftover ball ornaments that I strung onto the lights. They were little silver stars, some swirly clear glass balls, and some plain glass balls that look like bubbles. Then in between the bulbs I hung some twisted metal that was supposed to imitate Victorian tinsel. I can tell you it looked really special.
That is, until the light strands pulled the Command hooks off the wall. I guess they weren't strong enough to hold the lights and the extra weight of the ornaments. We only lost a few. Next year I'll put a nail in the wall!

In the past we've taken a folding table and put it in the living room and arranged the village there. This year we took some of the stuff out of the top tier of the entertainment center and put a few of the pieces up there.

Here is the center piece. Since I like horses of course I have to get any of the pieces that have horses. Look on the middle right side and you'll see a horse pulling a sleigh with some people and their freshly cut tree from the forest. On the left is a horse and buggy coming at us. Let's take a closer look at the buggy.
This hansome cab is carrying two special characters!
Why, it's Santa and Pikachu!
One of our little "traditions" is to move Santa and Pikachu around the village and then the others have to find them.

Here is a little detail of a boy on a sled.
He probably has that look because he's about to fly off the edge of the shelf!
Here's the left side with a hunting group. Notice the farrier behind and another carriage.
Here's the right side of the entertainment center with, of course, another horse and buggy!
This year the tree wasn't so tall that we couldn't put the cheap Long's Drug Store angel on top. I also notice that I didn't get the lights on evenly (more on bottom). Oh well. I favor the silver, white, and clear ornaments. I also have a few different shaped clear glass "icicles", pinecones, and the clip-on glass bird ornaments.
And there's Gus, posing nicely at the base.

We have a few more Christmas decorations but this'll have to do this year.


Anonymous said...

T! It all looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing it with us. Wish we were there to see it in person. = (

Our trees are very similar. I'll take a pic to show you.

Merry Christmas!
Love, LC

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how festive! Loved that you took
the pictures in the evening. Pup and tree perfect!!