Friday, December 18, 2009

Success! (Sort Of)

I gave the Cookie House another try. I still did not use gingerbread, and I didn't try the shortbread again, but I used rice krispie treats. The house is still not picture perfect, but at least I was able to get it together. I used M&M's, peppermint striped candy sticks, gumdrops, mini white chocolate chips, and white chocolate covered pretzels.
What's not readily apparent are the bazillion toothpicks and wooden skewers running through the house to help keep the walls from collapsing. In fact in the picture below you can probably see one near the roof line on the right side. I did put the krispie treats in the fridge overnight before putting everything together and that helped just a little to harden the "walls". I would have put more decorations on to hide the worst flaws but I ran out of icing and didn't feel like making more.
Something else I didn't realize until I looked at the pictures is how crooked looking the windows look. You'll have to take my word for it that it's really an optical illusion from the candy stick stripes.

I would definitely try this again. Next time I think I'll make the walls a little thicker. And I also have an idea of making krispie treat "bricks"...


Anonymous said...

How CUTE! I love the little crooked windows. It looks festive and yummy.

Love, LC

Anonymous said...

Cute yes but, oh so tasty!!!! That is one of my favorite treats. I have never seen a Krispie House. I like the brick idea for next year... two colors cut into bricks... My house would only have a front, cuz the other sides would be in my tummy!!

~M~ said...

Love the idea. I wonder if you used more marshmallow and less butter if they would be stiffer? I don't know how that would effect the tastiness Like the commenter above me...mine would only have a small bit and the rest would have been "sampled".

Good work! Glad you didn't give up!