Monday, August 16, 2010

Day Off On Sunday

Sunday we took a well deserved day off from all our working around the house. We had the baby with us so it was just as well.

I took her for a spin around the pond on the kayak.

While we were cruising we saw tons of dragonflies and their nymph shells.
Click on the pictures to enlarge and see them better.
So serious!
Smile for Grandma!
Then we played at the edge of the water.

Even the dogs joined in the fun. (From left to right: Neighbor dog Shelby, Gus, Clyde, neighbor dog Al, and Chester in the background.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lake Front Property!!! Love it.


Anonymous said...

Ok now that was your 1 day off, by looking back it looks like you take them every 60 days right? It looks like you all had fun, hopefully Grandpa swam too!
That cute face!! Thanks for the great shots!