Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Morning

Vicki and I were with the realtor yesterday from 10:15 in the morning until 7 PM. For the first hour and a half we went over my stack of properties (I think there were 22 of them!) and we were able to dismiss a few of them for various reasons. Then they were distributed into areas and while the realtor went to map them out Vicki and I grabbed a quick bite of lunch.

We decided to look at the furthest properties first and as the week progressed make our way closer to her office. Yesterday's pile had about five properties for us to look at.

As it turned out we missed the turn offs for the first two properties and had to do quite a bit of back tracking. And once we got to the first property we weren't able to even view it because although we called first we never received a call back and the road in was all locked up. I was sorry we couldn't see much from the road either. So on to the next one.

The second property had a shared driveway with about five other places and it was pie shaped. It was quite overgrown and pretty impassable. In fact the road to the pad at the very beginning of the property had a large trunk fallen half way over it. We could barely squeek underneath. I wasn't crazy about the layout and especially having *renter* neighbors. We discovered that when we talked to the young man at the driveway entrance. He had written in the dirt on his truck "bow hunting opens in four days". Lovely.

We tried calling on the third property and again didn't hear back, though we found out it was because we had been in a no cell reception area when that properties' realtor tried to call back. Fortunately we tried calling that realtor again from the driveway and arrangements were hastily made for us to see it.

It was a beautiful 90 acres, according to the owner about 1,000 feet across and about 1 mile deep, so it was a long narrow rectangular property. The house itself was not much to jump up and down about but I did fall in love with the property itself.

I can't get too excited yet because obviously that's the first home I was able to actually view and we still have quite a few to look at.

Meanwhile, back at home, my husband told me last night that since Monday morning we've already had four showings and there are three scheduled for today! Wow! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Here's what I saw this morning when I woke up at six am:
The full moon was just going down. Time to start my full day today!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates! I am hoping today went even better, maybe a bit shorter too! I like that you are not too eager to jump until you have seen more of your options! Good Hunting (not bow!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just showing a friend your wonderful blog.

Your loving Olde' BIG sister, lol.

Love, Margaret