Friday, August 20, 2010

Lock Box

The realtor attached her lock box on our "hose bib", aka faucet, this morning. We wanted to do a recheck of the square footage prior to listing, just to be sure. Also the realtor's photographer came out this morning to take a bunch of photos, inside and out. I hope some of those boxes aren't showing!

So this means after the square footage is double checked (sure hope it's not LESS than we thought!) we will be officially "FOR SALE" on Monday!!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Oregon with my friend Vicki to go scout out some properties. Our Oregon realtor should have a bunch set up for us to go view. I'm excited about that. I may have to set my sights a little lower than what I originally planned for, as it's just so hard to be able to jack up the price on our house with the way things are right now. (That's one reason we wanted to double check the square footage.) But if we can get our kids weaned off of the financial assistance called the Bank of Mom&Dad I wouldn't have any worries. Well, you know how that goes...

I'll bring my computer with me and hopefully I'll be able to get a post in here and there!

Hasta la vista!

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~M~ said...

Woowhooo! I hope that the square footage is more than you though! Good luck!