Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Home

I got home Sunday afternoon from my Oregon trip to find the "for sale" sign in the yard and 9 cards from realtors on the counter top. I guess last week was pretty busy.

I started this morning with a simple cleaning up: making the beds, wiping the sinks, cleaning the stove top and of course starting the piles of laundry that were stuffed in the hampers. Our realtor called and said we were scheduled for two showings starting at 4 so I also made sure to wash the floors, vacuum, wash the windows, empty the trash and continue working on the piles of laundry. The rest of the garage had been cleared out by my husband while I was gone last week and it looked really nice. I learned that he put a lot of the stuff into the truck to hide it from view.

As the appointment time approached I used my husbands trick and stowed the dirty laundry that I had previously sorted in the garage to the trunk of my car and moved it out of the garage. I moved the truck to the street, put the dogs in the side yard and sat down to wait.

Meanwhile my husband called and said there would be an additional showing, so that meant three showings altogether.

The house and yard looked really good and the people that came through seemed to like it. One of the couples had been here once already and when they left their realtor poked her head in and said they would most likely be writing an offer tomorrow.

I can only hope it's a full offer.

This whole thing is a new experience for us and a little scary, I must admit. I did find two good properties in Oregon. That was kind of a different experience in itself which I'll go into a little later.

Here's to hoping there will be a bidding war for our house!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was so nervous you didn't find anything on your
trip, so that is wonderful, and a bid in how many days! The Pictures from the real estate site are so beautiful, to bad you can't scoop it all up and plop it in the bay area and add some $$$$ to that number, I can't believe that beautiful home and property, and what the little dumps around here, mine included go for? BUT I am hoping a HUGE bidding war and a lovely home to move to!! AND THE KIDS??? :0)

tina f. said...

And the kids are adults now. They need to learn to be up on their own two feet LIKE WE WERE AT THEIR AGE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of action! It's no have a great property.

Another trick for the dirty laundry, etc. I put mine in the washer. Easier than into the trunk, which I did at first.

Keeping a basket handy for the "office" stuff has made it really easy for me to just pack it up and put it under my desk. Just gotta remember to NOT store bills! That's a big fear of forget paying a bill.

Good luck!

tina f. said...

Well, the way I do laundry it wouldn't all fit! And I didn't want to put it back in the hampers, LOL! It's getting done slowly but surely and I'll just have to make sure I keep up on it and put it away as soon as it's dried.