Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day Of Fall

Today we were expecting at least one showing of the house. I had thought at first there would be two, but the second person hadn't called the realtor back yet, so we knew for sure there would be at least one tonight. These were the people who were supposed to be here Saturday but had a family emergency. Then on their next scheduled appointment on Tuesday had some kind of soccer emergency (??!!). My realtor told their realtor "if they cancel again you are in BIG TROUBLE!"

They showed up.

But first...

I was unhappy with some of the flowers in the beds and decided to change them out. The impatiens by the front door originally were looking really good, but over time they got leggy, like the bottom leaves were being eaten. I put out snail bait but either the snails had moved on or maybe they weren't the problem to begin with because there were no dead snails.

In any case I pulled the old impatiens out and replanted that area with blue lobelia and red begonias. There was a clump of orange daylilies that I separated and replanted behind the begonias. I think it turned out nicely.
Here's the entrance now with the new flowers on the left and the old marigolds on the right. They're still doing quite well.
We have a circular drive and the flowers at the west end were petunias that were dying due to not being watered properly. Yeah, they will do that. So I got some yellow pansies and planted them in the foreground, some blue pansies I planted in the background, and red snapdragons I planted down the middle.
The flowers on the east side of the drive still look good (zinnias and petunias and gerbera daisies).

In the very back of the property, which is actually not our property but belongs to the Rio Bravo Water Storage District, I have a little raised bed with a standard tree rose called Pillow Fight. Underneath was a mess of weeds so I cleared them out and planted mounding Marguerite Daisies with white alyssum between.
Close up. Is that an angel orb in the middle? (Stay tuned...)
Later in the day I happened to look up and saw these.

They were slowly circling the ponds (which are full by the way), possibly checking them out.
It was a big mess of white pelicans.

Now back to the "orb" picture. If you enlarge the first through third pictures of the pelicans you will see more spots. I looked at my lens and it was really, really dirty! So much for that explanation! Ha ha.

I was just about done with my last minute preparations for the showing, which was scheduled for 5:30 pm. It was 4:20 when my realtor called and asked if some people who had been in the area looking at another house could swing by at 4:30. I said sure, since I was as good as done anyhow.

Two minutes later they showed up. The realtor apologized for being early but it was okay. It turns out this was a lady who had been here last week with her brother, and now she said her kids wanted to see the place. That's good right?

Then they left and promptly at 5:30 the previously scheduled people who had twice cancelled actually showed up. They, like all the others, seemed to like everything and the man asked a lot of questions. He seemed satisfied and then they left.

So we had two showings after all.

Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?



Roberta said...

Oooh, I saw those pelicans! They were beautiful -- something you don't usually say about pelicans.

On the previous entry -- if I get a pony and cart, the horses will get used to seeing one. Minis, though, seem especially scary for some reason.


~M~ said...

Any news? I sure hope things start moving along for you guys soon...fingers still crossed for you!! :o)