Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing Happening

Well, nothing much is going on lately except that I'm obsessed with all this house selling business.

We've had a lot of showings, nearly 20, but no offers as of yet.

It's hard not to be discouraged but I'm trying my best to remain optimistic. Most of the people who come through seem to like what they are seeing and I hear a lot of positive comments. And still...

I'm wondering if people are thinking they can do better somewhere else. Of course, I know owners always think their property is worth more and I have to say I'm no exception but honestly, I'm not going to give this place away! If it comes down to it we'll just be stuck here for a little longer than we'd planned.

When I look at other places for sale I have to say I think our price is pretty right on. This house is basically ready to move into. If I were to place myself in the position of a buyer I might say I would want a rug allowance (a couple of spots in front of the fireplace and spots in the bedroom from the dogs) and I would want a home inspector to go through it (I don't think they would find anything seriously major). So WHAT'S THE PROBLEM??

Those are bargaining chips to me.

I have to say the house and yard looks better than ever and it's not that hard to keep it that way. I did go ahead and resign from my volunteer pet therapy job. On the days I was going to go we ended up having a showing when I was supposed to be at the convalescent home and I don't want to miss any opportunities to show the house. And I figured I was going to have to resign eventually anyway. This way it's easier and less stressful on me and I don't have to disappoint anyone who might be expecting Gus and me to show up.

So that's about all there is in the way of any news around here lately. I sure hope I have some better news next week!


Anonymous said...

Sigh...I know it's very frustrating. Hang in there. Enjoy all the hard work you and B have done. There is a buyer for every house. At least that's what they tell me. ; )


Anonymous said...

Glad you aren't getting discouraged, your home has only been on the market for a little while, hopefully someone will see those great online photo's and come swooping down on it, soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can keep up the positive attitude......I know it's hard, but worth it in the end. (((hugs))) to our friends!

Kathy H