Friday, September 24, 2010

Vicious Dragonfly

This morning as I was digging out a gopher hole to set some traps I heard a crackly noise and felt something land on my head. Of course the first thing I did was freak out (just a little) and brush whatever it was out of my hair.

Two dragonflies fell to the ground.

The larger red one was on top of the smaller, darker, blue one. At first I thought they were "in love" but then I noticed the bigger one had his jaws around the neck of the other one and he was not just holding on, he was chomping!

As fast as that the smaller dragonfly's head popped off! And then the red dragonfly took off with his prize, presumably to have a meal.

I went for a ride today and saw a little hawk swooping down and chasing two ground squirrels. He missed. And then as we were riding through a more enclosed wooded area another, bigger hawk flew up from about twenty feet away and landed on a branch. He watched us warily as we passed within ten feet of his perch.

Today was definitely the Day Of The Predators!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Thursday went really well!! I am hoping now to hear about a bidding war!!!
I choose to think the dragonflies were in love and 'she' was giving him a hickey and it got out of control!
Love is beautiful!!
Although the picture of 'his' head was impressive!

Anonymous said...

Wow...good thing you got out of there with your life!

= )

~M~ said...

What a neat post...:o)