Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Property Pictures

I thought I would share some of the photos I took of some of the properties.

I didn't take any of the first location since we were just at the side of the road and couldn't really see anything anyway. This is the old barn on the second property. Notice the deer in the back door. (Remember you can click on each picture to enlarge.)
Inside the barn.
Back side of the barn.
This was just off to the side of the barn. Notice the deer in the middle.

This was what most of what I could see looked like. Kind of hard to get around to see what the property actually looked like beyond the entry point where the barn and the mobile home was. BTW we couldn't get into the mobile and there were a lot of wasps taking up residence in the eaves so we left it alone.
This is the 91 acre property that we liked. This is the house from the road.
One of the older outbuildings.
The hay barn. It's on the other side of the stream (didn't take a photo of that).

What I liked about this property was that it had usable areas. What I mean by that is there were spaces that could be easily used as pasture areas or even possibly planted with alfalfa. Also one of the things I would like to do is have a nice riding path, with some little jumps along the way. This place would fill those needs nicely.
The views were wonderful.

The fence is the property line. This is looking at the neighbors.

One of three streams on the property, two of which are year round.
There is allegedly a spring behind all those bushes.
Down the trail going through the dense... the clearer area.
And finally a couple of the gravestones.
The inscriptions were very faded but I was able to make out a "Mc-something" on the name and the "died in 1840". Yes, I know it's wierd but I thought that was pretty cool.
...more tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful area! Could that barn be saved? The outside looked so shaky but the ones inside looked still useable??
And those views of the property breathtaking!
And yes the headstones are very cool, I would have to research who owned that property in that era... who knows what you would find out!!
Keep em coming, love looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that 91 acre property! Does it connect to riding trails?

I would love to have property with a stream. This may seem strange, since I have a whole river, but the darn thing doesn't make any noise! Nevertheless, you may want to check on how high it gets in a wet year . . .


tina f. said...

Patti, the barn is actually sturdier than it appears!

Roberta, there is only one jeep trail on the 91 acres. We would have to cut some more, which would be fun to me! My sister in law in OR has 40 acres and she has walking trails cut through about half of her property (the wooded part) and it seems like so much more. And I'd certainly have enough timbers to make some baby jumps! We did ask about the wet years and so far (according to the owner) it has been very full but never overflowed the banks. This one is at the top of my list.

~M~ said...

After looking at all the properties you've posted on, this one is my very favorite!!! What a beautiful chunk of land! I'm voting for this :o)

Hope things start happening with your house very SOON!