Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chicken Coops/Runs

The chicken coops and runs are finally finished and each of the four breeds now has their own space.

Much thanks to my sister who helped me finish the last run.

We even put up some extra shade for them, made from two of the panels that blew off the original roof of the bull's run-in shelter.

I think everybody is happy now.

And of course I am already in the process of redoing the window of the first coop. I originally made it with an 8"X10" piece of plastic, but I was unhappy with that.  I then devised a window using real glass and I am really happy with the results of that.

First I made a simple frame.  I cut shallow grooves into the white wood and then glued and carefully nailed the pieces together.

Then I put the glass into a frame I made of "stickers", or spacers, used to keep plywood sheets and/or lumber off the ground. They have a groove already built in. I got those from work for free.  I love free stuff.

I attached a piece of hardware cloth to the "open" side of the window so the chickens couldn't get out when the window is open for ventilation.  Also so nothing could get in.  The other side has a piece of plywood covering it. 

This is the third coop in the process of being built.  The nest box is in and I just have to put the window in and the back panels.

You can see how the window fits in.  Now to put the panels on and the lid of the nest box.

So revising the window of the first coop should be a simple process. Then I'll have to paint everything...

But now it's back to work tomorrow after a wonderful week off. I think I need to check my lotto numbers...


Anonymous said...

They look professionally done! I'll bet the chickens are all very happy now too! Are you getting eggs yet? And if so, are they different looking than 'regular' chickens?
See you soon!!! around 7/16, I will call you soon!

Kathy said...

They're so cool!! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you decide on the paint colors for the chicken coops? Mt

tina f. said...

Have not decided on a paint color yet. Maybe a similar brownish color of the shop and the trim in a similar green of the roof.

PS- got the paint for the chairs..."True Red" from ACE hardware in glossy. Got one coat on now and I love it. Pictures when done.