Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do It Herself Clinic

As many of you may know The Home Depot has several different types of clinics.  One of them is called the "Do It Herself" clinic geared towards women (as the name implies).  At the last Do It Herself clinic (which was held on my birthday BTW) I wasn't there but they made Adirondack chairs. 

I got the plans off the internet ( and decided to have a Do It Herself clinic in my shop with the visiting girls.

We each started with a pile of wood that I had cut to the right dimensions.

At first we worked on our own.

Eventually we ended up helping each other on each chair.

We had a few issues (fault of the plans) but we managed to make everything work.

And just a couple hours later we were resting in our new Adirondack chairs!

The chairs just need to be sanded a little and then a nice coat of paint applied.  I'm thinking a bright red!


Anonymous said...

Whoo Whoo!!! The chairs were fun and surprisingly comfortable : )
We were well fed, well rested, well entertained- had awesome views and family fun! Thank you for your and Bill's generous hospitality... what should we do next?

Anonymous said...

PS... show the chairs when they are painted, OK? and the coops, too...

Anonymous said...

And a picture of the coffee cake we didn't get to eat : (

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see them, looks like they turned out just perfect!
Sounds like you had such a great time, hopefully this will be an annual event for all of you!
I made the Mississippi Pot Roast!! AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing that one!!