Friday, July 12, 2013

Red, Red, Red Adirondack Chairs

I got the adirondack chairs we made painted.  On two of the chairs I started out with an oil based primer. We were going to get a satin oil based paint but after we had already bought the primer at Bi-Mart and didn't see the red color I wanted we went to the Ace Hardware. The lady looked at me kind of weird when I told her what I wanted and we eventually went with a high gloss acrylic latex.  She assured us it would be fine with the oil based primer.

Anyway the primer ran out after two chairs and I decided to just paint the third chair with the colored paint. So in the end two chairs got a coat of primer and two coats of paint, and one chair got two coats of paint. The main difference is some of the knots are a little visible on the unprimered chair.  So what!

Just as a side note you may remember I mentioned we had a little difficulty when assembling the two arm pieces.  I talked to the Home Depot lady who gave the Do It Herself clinic and she mentioned they had the same experience.

The final thing I did was put floor protectors on the bottom of the legs. I made them myself using the leftover cork from my white board info center

It was simply a matter of cutting a piece a bit smaller than the bottom of the 2 x 4 legs and then gluing them on.

Ta daa!!

In retrospect I think the next time I make one of these chairs I will prepaint each of the pieces prior to assembly, then just touch up as needed. Or just get the sprayer out and spray, though that is a mess to clean up.

In any case I love the color.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to match the red of my petunias in the deck planters and this paint did just that (Ace "True Red").

I'll probably end up moving the chairs to the back deck but for now I think maybe I'll have my morning coffee in the front tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think the color is perfect*** ( I like !!! but tend to over do, so hence the ***stars )
What color for the chicken coops? OOOH! Paint them to match the inhabitants : )
love ya!

Kathy Haskins said...

I love them too!!
Great choice of color......of course, Red is my favorite color anyway! LOL They will look fabulous on your back deck!

Anonymous said...

Turned out beautiful! I never would have picked that color, but boy it works, and looks lovely!!
See you soon!