Friday, July 19, 2013

Haystack Reservoir

Today we took a little drive just north of us to an area called Haystack Reservoir.  We decided to take the back road and not the more direct road of Hwy 26.  Before we got to the there we passed two interesting looking spots and decided to come back after visiting the reservoir first.

The road we took was a gravel road.  The landscape is mostly juniper trees and typical high desert dryness everywhere.  We finally turned a corner and there was the reservoir. We took a road that took us to the east side of the lake with a campground. 

Haystack Reservoir is really a tiny little reservoir,  about 233 surface acres.  The campground is a fee area. In my opinion it is kind of a plain area and reminded me of Lake Isabella in California.  It's the kind of place that I always wondered why anyone would want to camp there, especially PAY to camp there.

We didn't pay the fee ($5 day use, $13 for campers) because we just drove in and turned around to drive out.  We didn't even get out of the car. Then we drove to the other side.  Here you can see the barren landscape.

Then we got lucky and saw this osprey with his fresh catch.

That made the trip worthwhile for sure!

This was the western side.

Then we drove back the way we came.  Remember I mentioned we passed two interesting spots on the way to the reservoir.  More on that tomorrow.

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