Sunday, September 22, 2013

After The Rain

We had a little rain today; just enough to get everything wet. 

A few minutes after the rain stopped this unusual rainbow appeared and just as quickly it disappeared again. I think it's called a crepuscular rainbow??

Basically nothing too much going on around here.  Hubby went to So. Cal. a couple weekends ago to pick up a free pool table our friends generously offered to us. While he was there he got to visit with our daughter and granddaughter and a few other friends.  

Besides the nice pool table I think he also brought home a bad cold. Meanwhile I managed to get it too and have been feeling miserable for a few days. Yesterday I had a day off and stayed in my pajamas on the sofa all day long.  I felt a bit better today. Hot tea with lemon and honey has helped a lot.

The rainbow also makes me feel better. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Something new to google!! That would make an unusual picture for your new pool room! Lots of fall colors, and just a lovely bit of a rainbow!
Hope you are both feeling better! A day in pj's always helps me too, that and having someone wait on me, but I am still 'waiting' for that to ever happen!
Feel Good!!