Friday, September 6, 2013

Zebra Pattern Blanket

The last time the kids were here my granddaughter asked if I would make her a zebra pattern blanket. I told her I would have to find a pattern as I didn't have anything like that.

After some on line searching I found something I thought would work. When I asked what colors to make it in I was informed she wanted "black and teal, both of them sparkly". It wasn't too hard to find the sparkly black yarn but I couldn't find a sparkly teal that I liked. I found a brand and line of sparkly yarn but there was no teal in any of the stores. I did find it available on line and went ahead and ordered it through It was most inexpensive through them and I didn't pay for shipping since I had it sent to the store. 

The original pattern was for a baby blanket but I added about 100 extra stitches to make it a bigger size.  I'm not sure how zebra-ish it looks. It's almost more tiger-ish but it still turned out better than I thought it would. 

I made the border using a sparkly hot pink. As usual it looks better in person than in the photos.

Ollie likes my yarn box.

On to the next project!


Anonymous said...

How pretty! It looks just like Si picked out the colors herself. You are a great gramma to make the blanket and work and garden and cook and build and...... Btw. How are the chickens doing?
Lov ya

Kathy Haskins said...

Looks great! She'll love it!!