Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crazy Cat

Our silly kitty, Ollie, is not a bad hunter.  A few weeks ago she waited at the deck door with a chipmunk in her mouth. Not wanting her to bring the thing into the house I made her drop it before I let her in. To my great surprise as soon as it hit the deck it hightailed it for safer pastures, namely the rock pile where it lives.

Then, just the other day, Ollie showed up with another chipmunk. There was a good amount of blood on the deck and the chipmunk was on the deck. (This is the picture above.) So I opened the door to let Ollie in and dispose of the chipmunk. And guess what happened then?  The thing was still alive and as soon as the cat was inside it took off and did a lemming impression off the end of the deck. I don't know if it survived.

One thing is certain.  The chipmunks are a little less bold about coming onto the deck and eating the bird seed.

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