Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ailing Citrus

My poor trio of citrus trees were not doing well. I had taken them off the back deck because the wind blows a lot right there and they do not like the wind at all. So I moved them to the garage side. Once there it was a fairly simple matter to move them in and out of the garage as the night time temperatures started dipping down.

But then it stayed cold and if not at freezing temps then pretty close. That meant they had to stay inside the garage. They didn't like that very much either.

I remembered last year we had them in the upstairs room at one of the only south facing windows in the house and they seemed to like that very well. They even started getting new leaves. So I decided to put them back up there.

Only this time I wanted them to have a dedicated shelf that would keep them a little higher off the ground to have more "sun time".

I came up with a simple design and went to work.

I started out with a frame of four 2" x 4"s cut and put together in a rectangle. Then I got some 1" x 4"s and notched the edge pieces to fit the bottom of the frames. The two center boards were then spaced and attached to the bottom.

On the top I simply spaced the 1" x 4"s on top with a slight overhang on the side edges. I attached casters on the bottom to make it easier to move about.

The trees got planted in new, bigger pots, with fresh soil and even a bit of special "citrus" soil. I'm hoping they weren't too stressed to recover.

 So now I know how to make a simple bench/shelf.


Anonymous said...

I hope the tree's like their new home and thrive up there.
You could paint your new rolling cart, once the plants are outside in the summer you could use it for an herb mobile cart, or you could put snacks on it for
eating out on the deck... great addition!

tina f. said...

I like your ideas!