Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Decorations

I love decorating for Christmas. As far as I'm concerned I just can't decorate too much. The only problem is getting stuff out and actually putting it up. 

This year I added a new thing. I strung some silver star garland back and forth over the entry way and hung small ornament stars and crocheted stars.

 Trust me; it looks better in real life than in the pictures.

And once again Hubby got a giant Charlie Brown tree. The only thing that saves it is I found an unused pack of tinsel and it really helps fill in the empty spots.

On the plus side it's really easy to fill the water bowl on the backside because the branches are not real close together. Also, you can't beat a $5 cut your own tree! (Permits cost $5 from the Forest Service.) Maybe I'll be able to go with him next year to help him choose a tree.

And since I was crocheting all those stars I had to figure out what to do with them.  I took some to work and hung them around the Service Desk. And then I put some up in our windows. The paper chain is a countdown to Christmas (pull one chain off every day until the last one, which is Christmas Day).

I also learned how to make 3-D snowflakes and hung them and more crocheted stars from the ceiling fan.

I don't think I'm finished yet. I still have some star garland, but I don't know how much. I can whip out the crocheted stars in no time so I'll see how that goes. 

I really need more decorations because I'm just having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit for some reason this year. More decorations should help.

PS--I finally finished that colorful yarn eater afghan (you can see it thrown in the middle of the sofa in the last photo).  I'll take good photos to show later. 

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Anonymous said...

It looks so very festive!! How about a nice simmering pot of Gl├╝hwein? That will put you in the mood!!
Although I too had that same problem, kind of went through the decorating, but just wasn't into it as much this year? Bah Humbug?? Perhaps once we have family & yummy food around it will be better!!