Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Santa comes to our house on Christmas Eve. Here are a few photos of the fun.

Everybody went to look at the lights at the fair last night. I had to stay home to take a bath.

Looks like all is ready.

Our stockings are stuffed to the top and overflowing. Maybe next year Hubby and I will have separate stockings instead of sharing. (More room!)

The tree with the goodies.

Coming back from looking at the lights.

Hubby opening a gift.

My brilliant children.

Granddaughter opening gifts.

Santa ran out of paper for this one.

A beautiful pink guitar for a beautiful girl!

The aftermath.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and rest of the year!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing. And as far as your brilliant children, I think that picture is so cute, just a brother & sister being goofy. And oh my goodness, your little one is so beautiful! I am hoping she practices her guitar all the way home :0)
So happy you are having such a great visit and even have some time off!