Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Blankies

My mother tried a few times to get me interested in needle crafty stuff. When we were very young she sewed a lot of our clothes. I just couldn't get into sewing. My first attempt at a simple straight dress was a disaster. I refused to wear it. Not even as a night gown. It was truly hideous.

My next attempt at sewing was a project in seventh grade Home Economics. We were supposed to sew a fairly simple bag, suitable for beach going, complete with a drawstring handle. If I had followed the directions everything would have been A-Okay. However, I couldn't understand why we were supposed to do one step prior to the other when it seemed obvious to me by doing the second step first I could save some time later. I was wrong. It seems by doing the step I thought would save me time I sewed the thing shut where the drawstring was supposed to go. I obviously then used more time to undo and redo correctly what I had done wrong to begin with.

It seems sewing was not my forte.

A couple of years ago a friend at work was having a baby. I decided to try sewing one more time. This time I would try something I thought might be easier, like a baby quilt. Oh, I didn't have a pattern to follow. After all, it's basically just a bunch of squares or triangles all sewn together, right?

Ech. Sewing is not my forte.

I managed to finish the thing and it was okay, but obviously the work of a novice. I figured it could still be very useful, as my friend wouldn't be concerned about actually using the thing and having the baby ruin it. I handstitched my initials, the date, and the letters "SUPON". When asked what that stood for I explained: It's for baby Spit Up Poop ON blanket.

I got a chuckle out of everyone at the shower for that, but then I was totally shamed by a real quilt another girl made. This was something I would have framed and hung on the wall. Oh well, I tried.

My mom also taught me to knit and crochet, something I picked up a little easier. Actually, my knitting is a little lacking, but I can crochet an afghan like there's no tomorrow! So with the impending birth of my first grandchild (a girl) I've been a little crazy with the crocheting.

I don't think I'll ever attempt to make clothing again, unless it's a hat (I made the whole family hats that had built in scarves once!). I'm almost thinking I might attempt another SUPON quilt. The time is right!


Anonymous said...

Not one blanket qualifies for SUPON! GOOD WORK! : )

Carli-Marie said...

the one with hearts is adorable!!! ill have her rolled up in them all the time!:)