Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dog News

The other day we were sitting out back enjoying the cooling weather. We've been having a pretty bad gopher year and my Honey Bunny had put the hose on in a new gopher hole. While we were sitting there the little beastie suddenly popped up from another hole about 20 feet away. The dogs surrounded it while it danced around on it's hind legs, just daring any of them to a fair fight.

I had my camera with me but things were happening too fast. Chester lunged and suddenly whirled around. He yelped loudly while spinning on his back legs like a championship reining quarter horse doing the pivot. The gopher was attached to his lip and was flying out like a swing on a carnival ride.

While I was in laughing hysterically, my H.B. was panicking. He jumped up and attempted to dislodge the gopher from Chester's lip. He finally managed to separate the two combatants. I was afraid the gopher would escape down another hole so I grabbed my shepherd's crook which was hanging on the fence and beat the little creature. Yes, to death.

Chester on a great point (after the gopher was dead).

After I took the above picture Chester quickly snatched the gopher up again. I guess he wasn't quite done with it. While I tried not to pee my pants because I was laughing so hard, my H.B. once again managed to remove the gopher from Chester's mouth and quickly buried it in it's hole.

Saturday morning I went to the "Responsible Dog Ownership Day" event at Yokuts Park. I brought Gus with me because the night before (the "seafood extravaganza" night) Marylee (who works at Hoffman Hospice) was just going crazy over him. She couldn't get over how sweet and gentle he was and thought he might make a great "therapy dog". I promised I'd check it out and found her at the Hoffman Hospice booth. I met the volunteer coordinator, Kim, and picked up some info. While we were there Father Scotty Bourne was getting ready to bless the pets. Although I'm not Catholic I figured it couldn't hurt, so Gus got blessed by the priest.

Gus, the blessed dog!

Last night I was throwing the ball for the dogs and Dean's dogs decided to join in the fun.

Shelby on the left in the back, Clyde in the foreground in the middle, and Al, Shelby's son, the chicken killer and fastest dog in the west, on the right. I'm hoping to bring Clyde to the trainer this weekend. I'm just waiting for a call back from him. And that is all the new dog news!

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