Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost Weaning Time

The cow has suddenly dropped a lot of weight and I can think of two possible reasons. The first is that the bull was eating most of her portion of food. The second reason would be the calf is really sucking it out of her (quite literally).

The calf is now three months old and could be weaned if absolutely necessary. He is eating the same hay and grain as his parents and he looks great.

The cow looking a little thinner than I like to see.
The calf and his daddy, both looking great.
I went ahead and separated the cow and calf from the bull. I'll see if the cow starts picking up some weight in the next week or so. If she doesn't, then I know I'll have to take the calf off her and wean him.

Right now the bull is unhappy about not being with his family. When weaning time does come around everybody is unhappy. The mom and baby tend to get rather vocal and I hope the neighbors have good double paned windows like we do (we can't hear it unless a window is open). Fortunately it doesn't last too long; about a week or less.

But I still have some time until that happens...

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